Weekend Getaway

Town of Andermatt
Town of Andermatt

This week was pretty much normal as far as studio and classes go. It rained most of the week and so I stayed in the villa besides a few short bike rides to a couple stores. But during the week, Austin and I planned a ski trip for the weekend. There are many ski resort options in the area, so we chose the one that was more for beginners/intermediate skiers and had a lot of choices for slopes. We chose Andermatt, a two hour train ride away from our home in Riva San Vitale.

We left early in the morning on Saturday to begin our journey up the mountains. The ride was beautiful, welcoming us with each new peak. The closer we got, the more snow capped mountains we saw! When we arrived in Andermatt, the small ski town was buzzing with excitement and people of all ages were walking with skiing and snowboarding equipment. We headed straight for our rental company, and even that short walk brought wonderful views of the cute town. After getting fitted for skis, ski boots and helmets, we were off to the lifts! We took the most popular, blue piste (aka “blue diamond” in the states) halfway up the mountain, which was a great run to begin the trip on. It was about a 20 minute ride to the bottom, on a snow-covered road that winded down with many cutbacks. It was designed to teach kids how to ski and snowboard as well as was open to sledders. It was a very easy ride, but allowed us to get the hang of things to start our day. We went all the way to the top the second time, and rode more difficult blues down to the previous blue, and finally to the bottom. So much of our ride was in fresh powder, which was so wonderful! In the end, our rides would be around 40 minutes! Andermatt continually took my breath away (pun intended), providing us with beautiful views at every point on the slopes. We stopped halfway down the mountain once for lunch, and another time at an outdoor bar. They had lounge chairs and we basked in the sun, hidden from the wind for a while. It was pretty nice weather, considering the conditions! We found out that the mountain has mostly between 6-9 feet of snow pretty much anywhere, so there was plenty of fresh snow everywhere! The lifts closed at 4 pm, so we headed to the town of Goschenen where our hotel for the night was located. It was a cross between a hotel and a hostel, but it worked perfectly for what we needed!

View from the top of a Blue

The next day (Sunday), we woke up and headed out around 9. We started out the day on a new mountain, going up even higher than yesterday. The views were insane at the top! I was looking at the things of magazines. It was crazy! We rode a difficult, but fun blue twice before heading to the next stop. We took a 40 minute train ride to our next mountain. We got off the train and got right onto a lift. Unfortunately, when we got to the top, we found that our map was wrong, and there was no blue from the top of where we were. Our map said there was a blue, but the map posted read only reds. So, with a reluctant breath, we headed down. It was very hard work for me, my muscles tired from the previous day’s work, and it was a lot of thinking! I had to always be conscious of my next move, and which way was easiest to go. It took me a while to get all the way down, but I did it! Although it was an accident, I am glad I got to ride a red at least once. I sat and rested while Austin did a couple runs without me. It started to snow so hard that we could barely see anything. It was really blizzard-ing! We took the train back to the mountain we rode yesterday and did the easy, long blue (because our vision was so impaired!) twice before calling it a day.

The weekend was more than I could have expected. The views were breathtaking, the slopes were outstanding, and the towns were so cute! I am glad we took the opportunity to ski in the alps while we were here. It was a rare opportunity and we are fortunate to have experienced it.

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